Don't we all love to be the super positive character played by Jim Carrey in Yes Man. And as it turns out, a new study says that positive character traits like curiosity, optimism, humor could boost your well being.

Published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, it shows that when you purposely train a positive character trait, it is linked with a higher reportage of well being, which really means being in a good mood and being cheerful.

While the sample size was small - 178 adults, the study was split into three groups. The first was told to practice curiosity, optimism, gratitude, humor and enthusiasm. The second, was told to practice creativity, foresight, kindness, appreciating beauty and love of learning. The last group wasn't told to practice any character traits.

Participants assigned with traits wrote thank you cards to people, to practice gratitude, or by recognizing a beautiful object or situation in order to train appreciation for beauty.

The first group showed highest in life satisfaction - the first and second groups experienced an increase in well being.

It's somewhat "known" that having a good mood affects a person, but there was no study of this up until now. What do you think? Why don't practice some positivity from today onwards and see where that takes you at the end of the week. Come back here and let us know!