There are plenty of new ways to find a date, but singles in the states are reportedly using their noses as a means of finding a mate. According to the Huffington Post, single folks in New York and L.A. are participating in 'pheromone parties,' which involves having to sniffing each other's clothes:


The trend was started out by web developer Judith Prays, who says she came up with the idea for pheromone parties after a failed long-term relationship. When it was over, the only thing about she could really remember about him was his peculiar odor:"Even when he smelled objectively bad," she says, "I thought he smelled really good."

The parties soon blossomed from experimental gatherings among friends to bona fide dating events. Here's how it works: attendees are told to sleep in a t-shirt for three days. This helps their body's natural odour set in in. They then deposit it in numbered bags which are then set out for people to peruse and sniff at their leisure. Should anyone decide they like the way a certain scent smell, they hold up the bag for a picture, which is then flashed onto a big screen. The owner of the shirt will then come up to meet their potential future life partner.

As creepy as this all sounds, previous research has found that humans can pick up these incredibly subtle chemical difference with their noses. So while it might not appeal to some, what's the harm in sniffing your way to everlasting love?