Earlier this week, a Chinese news program ended up red-faced after mistaking a male masturbation toy for a "mysterious mushroom". They've since apologized for the mix-up, but not before this Chinese street vendor decided to set up shop:

According to Kotaku, this street vendor was filmed trying to pass off sex toys as real longevity mushrooms which were used by Emperor Qin Shin Huang for his elixirs of life. The vendor even played the infamous news program to back up his claims.

Based on the clip, the vender's wares offered three different "mushrooms", priced between approximately US$120 to $2,800. A bucket of water is seen next to the table, and is apparently used to keep the mushrooms "fresh". The guy holding the camera decided to call out on the vendors cheating ways by asking all sorts of questions.

He pointed out that one of them doesn't have an "eye" (which can be Chinese slang for "anus"), to which the vender boldly replied, "It's because this was only buried for about four years. It's not mature enough to grow the eye yet." All we're hoping is that nobody ended up paying and actually trying to eat these "mushrooms".