A Las Vegas man who suffers from a rare condition that has caused his scrotum to swell to 100 pounds, has refused a free $1 million corrective surgery from Dr. Oz, all because he wants to retain the rights to his story.


Back in October 2011, Wesley Warren Jr. made headlines after it was revealed that he had been suffering from scrotal lymphedema—a condition that has made his scrotum swell up with watery fluid. Nobody knows what caused the sudden growth spurt, but doctors believe that it may have been due to an accidental striking of his testicles by his own leg as he twisted and turned upon awakening from a sleep in late 2008.

To get around, the 47-year-old has to enclose his giant scrotum in a hooded sweatshirt when out in public. He also carries a milk crate and pillow to rest his oversize body part upon, and the extra weight makes it harder for him to breathe and walk:

Once Warren's story went viral, a Facebook page was created to raise money for surgery. However, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Wesley actually declined an opportunity to have the "Dr. Oz Show" pay for the medical expenses associated with the surgery, partially because they wanted exclusive interview rights. Warren himself denies this claim, and says that he refused because he didn't want to die on the operating table.