Humans aren't the only ones who turn to drugs to enhance their performance, although we doubt these horses are actually happy about being injected with essence of South American frogs.

According to the New York Times, the latest scandal to hit the ever-competitive world of horse racing is a drug called dermomorphin. This drug is obtained from the skin of the Phyllomedusa sauvagei, commonly known as the waxy monkey tree frog. The effects are said to numb pain and make racehorses hypeactive. According to experts, this frog skin juice is considered even more powerful than morphine, which makes it the perfect secret weapon for a sport already under fire over doping scandals.

Cases of doping in horse-racing go as far back as a case in England in the nineteenth century in which a man was executed for drugging a racehorse with arsenic. So far, no trainers have been formally charged although racing regulators expect a crackdown to happen real soon.