Good news for lonely Australians residing in Sydney. The capital has green-lighted the opening of a  mega-brothel which is bound to break more than a couple of records (and boners).


According to the owners of the brothel, which is aptly called "Stiletto" (NSFW) this project is set to be "the world's finest short-stay boutique hotel and Sydney brothel" which includes doubling the number of rooms (from 20 to 40) and combining a new wing for group bookings (holy crap!) The rates include the use of a room, massage, oral sex, or intercourse with a service provider, and "beverages."

Initially the planned expansion of was rejected on the grounds the resulting structure would be too big. But Commissioner Susan O'Neill of the New South Wales Land and Environment Court decided it wouldn't be such a bad idea, as long as they laid a few ground-rules first (via AFP):
"The issue of a moral objection to the nature of the activities of a sex premises were raised by some of the public submissions and resident objectors. As a sex premises is a legal land use and permissible ... with consent, moral objections to the proposal are not relevant considerations."
For those of you who haven't been to Australia and are planning on indulging in a little debauchery, you might want to know that brothels are legal in some parts although these policies vary between states and territories. Just make sure you do some research first before paying someone you meet there to have sex with you.