Gone are the days when planning a wedding was purely the brides forte. According to Chris Easter, cofounder of, more men today are taking an equal interest in planning their weddings. And if his site's rapidly growing revenues are any indication, then he’s probably right. He shares a little more about the trend with Fast Company: is an e-commerce site and informational resource for soon-to-be-engaged or currently engaged men. The idea was originally, let’s create a men’s gift registry. Registries typically focus on the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, but there’s nothing aimed at men: grills, camping equipment, man cave stuff. The idea evolved into an overall comprehensive e-resource.
As for the stereotype that men are less into wedding planning than women, Chris says:
There’s some truth to it traditionally. But couples are getting married at older ages, closer to thirty than in their early 20s, and so couples are spending more of their own money and less of mom and dad’s money on weddings. If I’m spending my money, I’m going to be more involved, more hands-on with vendors. Our company proves that men do care intimately about planning their weddings and just needed an outlet. A lot of what guys are getting involved in was unheard of 30 years ago.


The Man Registry is about being a man by stepping up and being involved in the planning of your wedding. Being a man can mean a lot of things. Being a man is not about being out with your shirt off drinking beers. It’s about: This is the biggest day of your life, and if you’re not involved, that’s a problem.
So the next time you're getting hitched, you might want to start having a say about what you want for your big day. Because why should brides have all the fun?

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