If you had a choice between a "severe ass kicking" or a "brutal spanking" which involves getting your pants pulled and being spanked in the front yard, which would you choose? Those were the options that this angry dad gave to the this guy who he caught sleeping with his underage daughter.

We can't imagine what's going through the other guy's head while laying there. Here's the description from the YouTube uploader:
Angry redneck father gives his underage daughters adult boyfriend an option of either a severe ass kicking or a brutal spanking. He opted for the spanking. That's what you get for "puttin it" to an underage girl.
Does the guy in the cap have a right to (quite literally) take matters into his own hands? Should fathers be able to "protect" their daughters however they choose to do so? Where do you draw the line? It this guy's case, it would probably be somewhere between murder and public spankings.