Anyone who's ever walked by an Apple store during launch day will probably remember those diehard fans willing to camp outside just to get their hands on the latest i-gagdet.


According to a study featured in Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy, the reason why some folks succumb to brand worship might have to do with how the brain is wired. Scans have shown that our brains tend to respond the same way to both religion and iconic brands:
DR. CALVERT analyzed the fMRI data, she found that strong brands brought about greater activity in many areas of the brain involved in memory, emotion, decision-making, and meaning than weak brands did.
Makes sense, how else can you explain why people are willing to spend all their time and energy on an intangible object? As for how the brain reacted, Calvert discovered:
...when people viewed images associated with the strong brands— the iPod, the Harley-Davidson, the Ferrari, and others— their brains registered the exact same patterns of activity as they did when they viewed the religious images. Bottom line, there was no discernible difference between the way the subjects’ brains reacted.
For all we know, this might probably be how religion started out in the first place.