Great news to all you pet fanatics out there. A new iPhone app called Kloof has shared the findings of a study listing the types of dog deemed the most attractive to members of the opposite sex.


Based on a survey of 1,000 pet lovers, men are most likely to view women with Golden retrievers as "girlfriend material." The other dogs on the list for women are Labrador retrievers, beagles, poodles and Chihuahuas. Men with Siberian huskies were considered to be more manly, while Golden or Labrador retriever owners were regarded as more likely to be good fathers.

Take note that some of the findings are bit on the bias side: Chihuahua owners were thought of as the dog of choice for "dumb women" who are "probably hot" and are "five times more likely to have a one-night stand" than the female Golden retriever owners. Poodle and Chihuahua owners are also generalized as "more high-maintenance. As for guys, owning a pit bull or Rottweiler earned makes you likelier to be considered as "slimy" or "sketchy".

Any serious dog owner will tell you that such stereotypes are pretty common thanks to media and public perception. And if there's one thing to take from all this is that guys who adopt pets just to score a date are the lowest common denominator.