Here's one bizarre finding. If you use Yahoo for email. chances are you are consuming 11% more electricity every year than Gmail users. While this news comes from the U.S. we wonder just how much relevance it has for other users around the world using Yahoo for email.

But if this is true, that means that's 939 kilowatt hours. Opower an energy information software company that partners with utilities, examined the link between email address and electricity usage in 2.8 million households in the states to come up with that result.

Surely, it's not because Yahoo's mail sucks up more energy than Gmail. that's just hogwash to begin with. It's actually related to the lifestyle differences between the users of the services.

People who use Yahoo tend to live in larger homes, which means they have greater energy needs, and they are mostly in suburban and rural areas. City dwelling folk are more inclined to use Gmail. By virtue of living in larger spaces, Yahoo mail users take up more electricity per square foot than Gmail users.

According to and Experian, Gmail users are more likely to be young and single (the average age is 34 versus 38 for Yahoo Mail users), which means they probably go out more and have fewer people in their households.

On the other hand, Gmail users lead a more active lifestyle, which keeps them out of the house more often.

But just how accurate is this data and if so, it's more of a calling to the masses to consume less energy by turning on less lights, etc. What do you think? Is this sort of association true to you at where you currently are in the world? Let us know!