This has been a heavy Apple news week. They featured tons of new features in OSX and iOS, and we're looking forward to the release of it. But if only this idea was adopted to fix the iPhone's notification system. Joost van der Ree has a great idea. Check out the video after the jump and pay attention after 35 seconds in to the video. The idea is called Dynamic Badges.

Joost proposes to pull o any icon that's teasing with messages, which is from Mail to iMessages, and pending communications come your way all without leaving the home screen.

According to van der Ree, he says that “I never like it when I have a badge count on my icons when I don’t know what it’s for,” van der Ree explains on his blog. “It requires me to open the app to check it.” We bet everyone's thinking the same for this.

With Dynamic Badges, one can check the current messages from the app without throwing a user into an app just to check what's in it, thus revealing more and saving time at the same time. Check out the concept below: