The next time you're doing something crazy in public, you might just end up in a Coca Cola commercial. This particular ad has been creating quite a lot of buzz online. No whimsical animation or hot chicks here, just edited security footage showing regular folks doing extraordinary things:

The ad certainly fits with Coke’s “Open Happiness” campaign with its scenes of spontaneous delight from around the globe. However, some are wondering if certain scenes actually took place or were staged. A Coke rep tells Mashable that while many of the clips in the ad are real, “there are a few clips that, while the situation is real, we had to recreate for the ad because it was impossible to find and secure permissions from all the people recorded on the cameras.”

And even if there are authentic scene, you still have to wonder how Coke managed to get their hands on the footage, and do they even have the rights to images of people in the ad.