Vincent Kartheiser is best known for his role as the annoying brown-noser Pete Campbell on Mad Men.


In a recent interview for City Pages, Kartheiser confessed that he had to gain 20 pounds while shooting the 5th season of the show. So when he was asked about how he was going to lose the weight, Kartheiser revealed this unusual diet technique:
Standing in the lanes of Bryant-Lake Bowl, he pulls his jeans a few inches away from his waist to prove how much weight he's already lost, exposing a pair of black briefs.

Eight pounds, he says, the product of strict discipline: exercising every morning, fasting during the day, "and then I fuck at night — for a few hours, if I can."

A devious grin stretches across his unshaven face, and he suddenly looks a lot like Pete Campbell, his character on the show.

"Don't print that," he says.
Even if Kartheiser was just making a joke, you have to admit that even Don Draper would be tempted to attempt that strict regimen.