NFC - near field communication is already on its way. The concept of mobile payments or buying things via a mobilephone. The tech has actually more applications than just payment, and Samsung want owners of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone to discover and / or create some of those uses of NFC with a product called TecTiles.

It's actually tiny stickers with a simple NFC tag inside it, and while they look identical to one another, each one is unique, and it lets users program the sticker to have a specific response whenever any device with an NFC chip is floated oer it.

Users can program TecTiles using an app that runs on any Samsung phone with an NFc chip including the Samsung Galaxy S III and S II and the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S and the Galaxy S Blaze. When the app is launch, you can set the tag to tell phones to do any number of functions from opening a website to relaying contact information to calling a phone number.

The usefulness of it really goes far beyond payment as you can see. It could even be used to set your alarm, or business cards with a TecTile on it will send contact information, or poster advertisements for an app that will cue your app to download content.

The design is fairly distinctive, with four squares, in various shades of blue, arranged in a larger square.

All four major carriers in the U.S. will be offering TecTiles when the Samsung Galaxy S III launches, as for other countries around the world, its yet to be confirmed. What do you think of Samsung's DIY NFC tags? Can you think of any use for them?