What you're looking at is a fire station in the Austrian town of Margreid, and it's carved straight into a 300 foot sheer rock face on the side of a mountain. It's perhaps the coolest looking fire station to ever exist.

Designed by Italian architects Bergmeister Worlf, the unusual headquarters is a perfect aesthetic match for its alpine setting. Fast Company reports:
They began by blasting three caverns into the cliff face, connecting them with smaller criss-crossing tunnels. Two of the tunnels became the garages, while the third houses the administrative part of the station, which extends as a glass box beyond the rock. Inside the granite wall, meeting rooms and offices are fitted out in wood and steel.
[Fast Company via Contemporist]

Images by Jürgen Eheim, Ullrich Egger, and Günter Richard Wett/Bergmeister Worlf