In an effort to elude stricter security measures, terrorist are starting to attempting to use suicidal bombers with explosives implanted inside their bodies. A top-secret report highlighted on Newsweek reveals just what goes into making these 'body bombs':
An American government source familiar with the report described it as 15 to 20 pages, single spaced, and replete with schematics and pictures. “It was almost like something you’d see in Scientific American,” the source said. (In military parlance, the bomb is called a “surgically implanted improvised explosive device,” or SIIED.) A diagram with arrows and blocks of text explained the surgical process. “The idea was to insert the device in the terrorist’s love handle,” says the U.S. government source, who declined to be named discussing sensitive intelligence. While it was not clear whether the terror doctors had ever succeeded in implanting explosives in a human being, they had experimented with dogs and other animals.
Sounds like these terrorists have been catching to many 24 episodes. Fortunately, terrorists are still trying to figure out how to accurately detonate these devices:
“You would have to have a very unique firing system,” says Borelli. “If it’s a ‘body bomb’ you are going to have to have a way to initiate it from the outside—almost a stent, or something like a pacemaker.”