A 53-year-old man has miraculous survived after being struck by lightning. The good news: he survived. The bad news: his testicles were burned. According to Gizmodo, the man claims the bolt  struck his scrotum before exiting his body through one of his feet:
The man was walking on Avenida de La Ilustración--a street in Madrid's suburb Tres Cantos--when the lightning struck his scrotum through his pants, travelled down one of his legs and went to the sidewalk through his foot. He fell unconscious.

His son called the emergency services, who treated the burns on his scrotum and feet. They moved him to the Hospital de la Paz, where he got under several tests. Luckily, his heart and brain were not affected by the lightning, said the doctors.
It's hard for us to wrap our minds on why it would have directly targeted his junk. Still, if this had been a plot for a comic book, it would have probably transformed his peen into something pretty awesome.