We've been lucky enough to see the skinless made up of blood vessels and muscle human anatomy in one of those exhibitions before. Now, at London's Natural History Museum, the zoological counterpart to anatomist Gunther von Hagen's Body Worlds exhibit opens on Friday, April 6.

It will show how animals look inside out, and has a collection of one hundred preserved animals with their skin peeled way back. Hit the jump to check out a video and some pictures.

The process of showing it all involves extracting all water and fatty tissus from the specimen and replacing them with polymers in a vacuum. The plastination process will stop the decay of dead bodies and prepare them for scientific and medical education.

None of the animals in the exhibition have been killed for the purposes of plastination. There are lots of animals too. On display, are a porbeagle shark made out of capillaries, a giant squid, a giraffe, and an elephant with its musculature completely exposed.

Check out more photos here and if you're around the area, its definitely worth a visit,