This is by far, the most detailed and clearest image of a dying star, according to NASA. Its all the imagination of stuff exploding and unstoppable fire coming at you all put together. The shockwave that shaped those huge balls of plasma in action leave you no chance to escape if you're anywhere near it. It there was sound to it, we can only imagine it to be the loudest, defeaning one you'll ever hear in your life, probably the last one too.

The explosion doesn't end there. This star, a larger sister in the ETA Carinae binary system is only dying now and its not dead yet, at least, we haven't been able to catch a glimpse of that. This explosion is just the beginning. It'll be dead soon, though.

But soon, may mean a million years from now, and this image is definitely not the end of it.

The Advanced Camera for Surveys High Resolution Channel in the Hubble will not be around when this happens, but hopefully we'll have more advance cameras to help us see more in detail in the very very far future. 

[NASA Goddard Flickr]