Anyone familiar with the taste (and pungent smell) of stinky tofu would tell you that it's really good for you. And now scientists are backing that claim up by recommending we all could lose more weight by eating pungent-smelling foods.

The small study, which was conducted by Dutch scientists and appears in the journal Flavour, used vanilla custard as their sample food-in-a-tube.  The study involved 10 participants between the ages of 26 and 50 eating from the tube while also wearing the nosepiece. Researchers could adjust the strength of the aroma being piped up into the nose, in this case the tempting scent of vanilla custard. The researchers had control on both the level of aroma being sent into the subject's nostrils as well as much custard was being extruded into their mouth.

The researchers found was that the stronger the aroma going into the person's nose, the smaller bite size they took. According to them, this revolutionary new technique could help trick our brains into taking smaller bites:
This study suggests that manipulating the odor of food could result in a 5-10% decrease in intake per bite. Combining aroma control with portion control could fool the body into thinking it was full with a smaller amount of food and aid weight loss.
We reckon it might take a little getting use to eating through a straw while sniffing on different smells for the rest of our lives. So unless they come up with something more feasible, we'll just stick to eating on tiny, colored plates instead.

via NYDN