If your morning routine consists of getting out of bed a little late, rushing through our morning activities before heading out for work, you probably feel like crap by the time you reach the office. Guess what, this isn't conducive to getting our brains working in the morning.

But there is a better way, as author Annie Murphy Paul suggests this new method which involves slowing down our morning routine to help boot your brain and problem solve. From Time:
We'd set the alarm a few minutes early and lie awake in bed, following our thoughts where they lead (with a pen and paper nearby to jot down any evanescent inspirations.) We'd stand a little longer under the warm water of the shower, dismissing task-oriented thoughts ("What will I say at that 9 a.m. meeting?") in favor of a few more minutes of mental dilation. We'd take some deep breaths during our commute, instead of succumbing to road rage. And once in the office - after we get that cup of coffee - we'd direct our computer browser not to the news of the day but to the funniest videos the web has to offer.
Obviously, you're going to have to drag yourself out of bed a few minutes early. But you'll be surprised at how much more calmer you'll feel once you implement it on a daily basis.