It all started with this op-ed, authored by former Goldman Sachs executive director Greg Smith for The New York Times, explaining why he is leaving the investment bank. Obviously, it wasn't a very smart move on Smith's end, so it didn't take long for a few enterprising satirists to push out their own rushed out responses.


The one getting the most hits was done by The Daily Mash. In their version, Greg Smith is replaced by Darth Vader, who laments about “Why I Am Leaving the Empire”:
“The Empire is one of the galaxy’s largest and most important oppressive regimes and it is too integral to galactic murder to continue to act this way. The firm has veered so far from the place I joined right out of Yoda College that I can no longer in good conscience point menacingly and say that I identify with what it stands for.”
Read the rest of the parody letter here.