Seems like being ambitious doesn't necessarily guarantee that you'll come out on top. According to a new study, while ambitious people might receive greater education and have a successful careers, they also tend to have less satisfying lives and die earlier.

According to EurekaAlert, a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology had tracked 717 "high-ability individuals" from childhood to adulthood over a period of seventy years. Many of the study participants ended up getting excellent educations at places like Harvard, Yale, etc. Others simply finished high school or community college. In the end, ambition did lead to greater achievement, but did not necessarily lead to a happiness or better health:
Ambitious kids had higher educational attainment, attended highly esteemed universities, worked in more prestigious occupations, and earned more. So, it would seem that they are poised to "have it all."

[W]e determined that ambition has a much weaker effect on life satisfaction and actually a slightly negative impact on longevity (how long people lived). So, yes, ambitious people do achieve more successful careers, but that doesn't seem to translate into leading happier or healthier lives.
So if you need a better reason to stop and smell the flowers instead of being such a try-hard all the time, you might actually get a chance to enjoy life for once.