That's right, your little friends are probably counting themselves as you read this. How creepy is that?


In a study published in the Journal of Cell Biology, researchers looking at how sperm swim around.

According to ScienceDaily, the researchers noted that the strokes seem to be controlled by the calcium concentration in their environment. Turns out that they can actually change the way they swim based on how fast the calcium concentration is changing, meaning that they can measure and time things i.e. count!

So why would these squiggly dudes need a time-counting ability in the first place? Scientists believe that it's because calcium concentration gets really high once they reach closer to the egg.  By measuring these small changes in concentration, it may help them react even when there's lots of calcium around and helps them when they're close to the goal. The only thing left to figure out is how they can count in the first place, since of course they don't have brains.