Men tend to underestimate their weight and women tend to overestimate theirs. Sometimes, in most cases, men don't really care about their weight as oppose to how much women care about theirs. But its also amusing to see how men tend to overestimate the weight of their partners.

The study, carried out by Danish Institute of Governmental Research showed that a few of us are able to accurately categorize our weight. Men on the other hand, generally underrated their own weight, some even suggesting that they were obese regarded their weight as normal. Women themselves tend to overestimate their own BMI (Body Mass Index).

The sad case here is that men also have the tendency to overestimate the weight of women.

"This shows us that it's not only us women who have unrealistic perceptions of our weight, but that the perceptions tend to transfer between the sexes, leaving both sexes with this perception," explains sociologist Vibeke Tornhøj Christensen, who conducted the study. "When men start to perceive women as overweight even before they are, it goes against the general idea that men like women with shapely figures."

"Parents tend to regard girls as overweight and boys as underweight. It's as if we're being harder on our daughters than our sons."

So before you go ahead and call your girlfriend fat, its best you make assumption that you are overestimating. The best advice of all time still is to keep your mouth shut, at least, until there are physical changes.

[Science Nordic; Image: Helga Weber]