The latest controversy involving the fast food industry involves KFC, who recently released a statement denying claims it had opened its first Iranian branch in over 30 years.

It all started when a local news agency published (before retracting) a report that KFC was launching the first of several Iranian restaurants “with the goal of creating 20,000 jobs.”

Amir Hossein Alizadeh, who is the owner of the so-called local “KFC franchise,” said he had spent five years working on obtaining permission “from the mother company” to open a restaurant in the city of Karaj. But KFC insists it did not authorize the use of its brand, and will pursue legal action against Alizadeh.

The statement then went on to say that KFC does not intend to open an Iranian branch in the foreseeable future. All traces of the fried chicken chain in the Persian republic were removed following the Islamic Revolution of 1979.