Farming cows are tough because you'll need to keep track of their fertility. Its important because that will determine the quality of your meat, or the milk in your cereal. Mobile technology has made it possible for cows to drop their farmers an SMS when they're feeling its about time to get jiggy.

A new collar designed by researchers from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland uses the same sensor as a Wii to keep track of a cow's movement and activity, and based on that movement, scientists have been able to work out the characteristic behaviour of cows when they're read to get down. So when they do, farmers are going to get some Bovine Sexting.

The collar will notice how the cow is moving, in a particular way, and when it does it will drop the farmer a text message. From that point, the farmer will, lend a hand, which means there's probably going to be some artificial insemination going on here.

[PhysOrg; Image: Ernst Vikne]