While this might not be the actual pic, it certainly helps in visualizing what it must have felt like to be behind the driver's seat.


French paper Le Parisien (via Metro) reports on the miraculous story of Ludovic Masciave, who somehow made it out alive after a 20-ton boulder fell on his car while driving through the French Alps. Workers who saw his vehicle expected to find a dead body.

Masciave was rendered instantly unconscious after the boulder tumbled onto the motor vehicle. “I’d been driving slowly…when suddenly there was a terrible shock which brought the vehicle to a sudden halt. I immediately lost consciousness,” he said.  Masciave didn’t emerge unscathed; he did wind up in the hospital with multiple injuries including flattened lungs and broken ribs. When he came to, he realized he was stuck between the rock, the door and dashboard. The 36-year-old sales manager is expected to make a full recovery.