See that mini spider below-left? That's the male ephilengys malabarensis or orb-web spider, who is trying to get acquainted with his oversized mate on the right.

You have to hand it to spiders, they're so crafty, building their fancy webs and spooking you just when you're least expecting it. But the male orb-spider has really gone above and beyond the call of duty by owning two penises, one of which is actually detachable.

According to LiveScience, the spiders have a pair of organs that transfer sperm, which are called palps and are basically like tiny penises. While the male spider is making sweet love to a lady, he can just get up and walk away in the middle of the act, leaving one of his palps, which keeps pumping, behind.

Sounds like a neat trick, but having the ability to walk away mid-coitus is actually a real life saver because this species is sexually cannibalistic. Then they can just enjoy life without worrying that some woman is going to bite their head off for walking away during the middle of sex.