Below is an incredible story of how an unemployed, broke, nearly homeless Irishman ended up building a €1.4 billion ($1.84 million) home:

Dublin artist Frank Buckley explains how he just showed up at the Central Bank of Ireland mint and hauled out two trailers full of decommissioned and shredded bills, packaged neatly into 6-inch by 2-inch bricks. The worth of each brick = a staggering €50,000!

Buckley's striking art project was built in the lobby of a four-year-old Dublin office building.He’s stacked the bricks full of shredded bills into million-euro walls and has scattered thousands of euros across the floor as a makeshift carpet. Artwork made from the bills and euro coins adorns the walls.  Millions of euros lining the interior walls, helping to keep this down on his luck Irishman warm during those cold winter nights without a blanket.