Are you stressed out? Maybe its time to give your phone a rest too. According to new research from British Psychological Society, it suggests that you can reduce stress by turning off your smartphone and ignoring social networks.

The study suggests that stress was most commonly associated with personal use of smartphones and not as often when used for work. So there's the theory. We're constantly checking our phone for any social networking updates, or whoever that may have sent us an email or messaged us. Sounds just like me.

All of this contributes to the stress levels and psychologists in charge of the study suggests these tips to curb this behaviour, at the workplace.

Organisations will not flourish if their employees are stressed, irrespective of the source of stress, so it is in their interest to encourage their employees to switch their phones off; cut the number of work emails sent out of hours, reduce people's temptation to check their devices.

The British Psychological Study via Discovery News