Ted 2 Has a Trailer Now Jan 31, 2015

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Here's something old phones can do that new phones can't: play some Jason Mraz! Watch as these two guys masterfully use their keypads to make the tunes to 'I'm yours.'  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 31, 2015 09:08
Believe it or not, but this guy is actually make some real music. Jorge Perez is an expert in the drums. Or the ass-drum. Here he is with his 'drum set' made up of human body parts. Needless to say, the video is pretty NSFW:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 31, 2015 09:08
Farts often lead to social embarrassment, and make us feel extremely uncomfortable. However, there were people who recorded these farting incidents in the scroll called He-Gassen (The Fart Battle). The scroll is just about people farting. It also has a few drawings to ridicule westerners towards the end of the Edo period, with images showing the westerners blown away by Japanese farts. Check out some of the drawings here:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 31, 2015 09:08
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