Scientists might not have found any sort of alien creatures residing on another planet just yet, but they are pretty certain that if they did, the planet would have to include 60% water since it's present in nearly every living object on this earth. And that is exactly what makes the discovery of this new planet so thrilling.

Say hello to Kepler-22b (named after 17th century stargazer Johannes Kepler). NASA says the planet lies in a “habitable zone” in a distant galaxy, about 600 light years away.

The experts also say that it’s the first planet found, other than our own, that could sustain liquid water on its surface Many of the planet’s qualities are comparable to Earth’s, leaving scientists gleeful about its possibility of sustaining life.

So what else do you need to know about our possible new home? It has an orbit of 290 days around a sun-like star (similar to our own), though slightly smaller and cooler. Kepler-22b itself is 2.4 times the radius of Earth, making it the smallest planet ever found in a star’s “habitable zone,” the sweet spot that allows an ideal temperature and climate for water to exist. Scientists are still trying to figure out the planet's composition, so don't pack your bags just yet!