Remember that asshole character that Justin Timberlake played in The Social Network. The one that's supposed to be based on the real Sean Parker? Well, Page Six has the scoop on that guy and why he should quit bitching about the movie's portrayal of him.

Parker's notorious insecurity and image obsession is on full display in the Page Six Magazine profile. Amidst the irritating preening and insecure whining about distancing himself from his Hollywood avatar, the profile still sounds an awful lot like the guy from the movie. Here's an excerpt about his notoriously expensive, hedonistic parties:
One female partygoer, who has been to four of Parker's bashes, says that his Halloween party in 2009 was a wild affair. The $150,000 booze-up, organized by party promoter Unik Ernest, featured 100 bottles of Cristal and was broken up by police. Some guests brought drugs. "There was a lot of drugs…mainly cocaine and ecstasy…everyone goes off into little compartments," she says. "They're very strict on not having press there." The twentysomething, who asked to remain anonymous, never saw Parker doing drugs, but, she says, "there were supplies." The house was left trashed for days until Ernest sent over a housekeeping service.
So there you have it. Sean, if you're reading this and still have no clue on why no one takes you seriously? It's because of shit like this.