Don't wait for spring to start your spring cleaning. Everyone could benefit from these simple cleaning tips for keeping your home spic and span, even a sloppy bachelor like yourself. And you don't have to spend a ton of money in the process, just follow these tips below:

The Kitchen
Baking soda can remove stains from coffee mugs. Vinegar can clear up cloudy drinking glasses. Lemon juice will kill stains on tupperware. Use a potato for rusty cookware. Grab a banana peel to polish your silverware. Flour is great for polishing stainless steal. Tackle stinky refrigerators by tossing some charcoal inside to absorb any residual odors. Steam clean microwaves with vinegar.

The Living Room
The living room is called a living room for a reason; it's the center for all kinds of messes as it tends to be somewhat of an all-purpose room in the house. And where's there people, you can bet your ass that there's going to be a mess:

Use vodka to quickly remove ring stains on furniture. For carpet stains, a little vinegar solution and an iron can lift it right out (shaving cream works too). For carpet dents left by furniture, use an ice cube. Tackle dusty ceiling fans quickly using a pillowcase. If you own pets, then you're going to have to deal with the fur. If you can't find a lint roller, just grab a pair of rubber flip flop sandals or rubber gloves, get them wet, and pick up pet hair.

The Home Office

You can clean your keyboard easily with a toothbrush, q-tips, tape, mascara brushes or a hairdryer. For monitors, use a coffee filter, a damp, lint-free cloth or even paper.

The Bathroom
If you're not keen on getting on your hands and knees to scrub the toilet, just toss some Kool-Aid or Coca-Cola into the bowl for a while before flushing. If your bathtub is the problem, all you need is a little salt and a grapefruit. Vinegar can handle the shower head.

The Bedroom

Here are a few tricks you can employ to keep everything neat without much effort. Keep a hamper nearby to deal with worn clothing so you don't just throw them everywhere. Make a habit of making the bed while you're still in it so you don't to fuss when you wake up. Use a safety-pin to pin your sheets to the mattress so they don't go flying everywhere during the night.

The Laundry
Nothing beats a washing machine, but if you're stuck with cleaning your clothing the old-fashioned way, then here's a few tips: Remove tough grease stains with Coca Cola or shaving cream.  A pinch of salt can keep your clothes more vibrant. Adding a little vinegar can make your line-dried clothing softer.

For a DIY washing machine, just toss water, some detergent, and your clothes in a five gallon bucket and drive it around in your car for awhile (perfect for a road trip or a long commute). Once you're done, just hang it up like normal.