A victim of a shocking chainsaw accident who was forced to hold up his own head has managed to survive the mind-blowing experience.

Tom Connelly was cutting a branch 15m up a tree in Cambridgeshire when he reportedly lost his footing and slid into the 30cm blade, slashing through a third of his neck, his left arm, and most of his nerves and veins. The 21-year-old was forced to hold his own head to survive, and was only minutes from death had his colleagues and emergency services not reacted so quickly:
"I was left dangling in the air and I could see blood dripping from my arm. I went into shock, but the adrenalin kicked in so I didn't actually feel any pain," he said.

"I later realised I'd nearly cut my head off, so I am incredibly lucky to be here today. It hasn't put me off. I want to get back, it's my job and I love it."
Doctors said he was only 1mm from cutting through his carotid artery, which would have been fatal. He had emergency vascular surgery, was given 40 stitches in his neck and left arm, and is left with  a 38cm scar to serve as a reminder for his really close-call with death.