Below is a clip from the World Food Program's campaign to pair a billion Internet users with the billion-plus hungry people in the world which was launched in conjunction with World Population Day:

The World Food Program estimates there are the same number of people surfing the Internet as there are living in hunger. So why not pair the two together to do some good? The Billion for a Billion campaign makes a stark contrast between the daily activities of the digital community and the world's have-nots. According to the stats, within the one minute you spent watching the above video, more than 145 million emails will be sent, more than 2 million other YouTube videos will be watched, $43,681 will be spent on eBay, 83,273 people will log onto Facebook, 2,083 tweets will be sent and 10 children will die from hunger. So do your share and at least share this clip with your Facebook buddies.