The accounts below are things that I have heard of and stories that are quite possibly real. Nevertheless, I take it with a pinch of salt.

When we're dating, most of the time we don't end up living with our then significant other, unless for some strange or warranted reason and circumstance, cohabitation becomes a key survival and driving force of the relationship.

The saying "You never know what a person really is like until you've lived with them" couldn't hold any true-er than to things you'll find women doing. This might come off as a very chauvinistic comment and in our defense, even us guys have annoying habits that are somewhat disgusting, but we already come with that kind of disclaimer so its sort of expected.

1. Leaving her wet panties on the banister
Sally always had amazing lingerie. Those bright blue panties with very little cloth on them, and I swear they're called something like a G-string. Or less of a G-string. The places where I like to see them? On Sally of course. But when Sally thinks its time for those beautiful pieces of cloth go for a wash, then they end up in unwanted and shocking places.

Sally used to leave her panties on the banister. And that wasn't funny, because the banister began to color. Obviously I had not noticed that in the beginning and being a guy its hard to be so observant of things. This would explain the intense degradation of color on the banister, going from dark brown, to very light brown. Obviously, I was appalled.

2. Leaving the toilet door open while they take a dump
Not everyone is open to the idea of an Open Door system. Sure, times when you're sexily in the loo doing a quickie before you come back out and leaving the door open then, is completely fine. But when you know you're going to be taking a dump with Satan's breath then you'd better think twice about closing the damn door.

3. She washed your whites along with her pinks
Most women have a natural biological common sense, which is also due in part of some proper upbringing and trial and error. Though this is a very forgivable situation, don't get too surprised when you find that your favourite white shirt is now spotting a light tinge of pink because she forgot to separate the colors out of the washer. Whoops!

4. Snoring, grinding teeth, talking in sleep
I've known several women with these problems and while they're minute to me, some perfect men may not agree with them. Yes, sometimes we want some peace and quiet. To women's defense, I must say that most men sleep like a log anyway. Unless the sound of Thor's hammer slamming on the ground is the sound of your snore, then ladies, get some help. Professional help.

5. Smelly feet
Smelly feet is not a "Men's Only" disease. In fact its also very prevalent among women. Sadly, most men will never find out their girl friends have smelly feet if they are careful enough. I've never been unlucky to be on the receiving end of smelly feet, thankfully, but I assume this would be a real turn off.

6. Dental Hygiene

When it comes to dental hygiene, its a given that most people would generally brush twice. When they don't take care of their dental hygiene, you might end up making out with someone like Amy Winehouse, whom, isn't a very good at keeping anything clean at all.

7. Hair stucked in the sink
The most common problem you'll ever face when you share bathrooms is the amount of hair that gets stucked in the sink and all sorts of leakages. Which isn't so bad if you're looking to build a bathtub out of your toilet. Nevertheless, make sure you know how to swim when you picture yourself drowning in an imaginary scenario of stucked pipes.

8. Washing the plates
Chores should be equally assigned and adhered to. Though most guys would like to laze on the couch and do a number or two on the tv, that's just misconception. Guys today are very helpful around the house. Especially since because we're not entirely comfortable in living in a pig sty. So we do our share of plate cleaning. Surely this is over misused and a probable bad example and generalisation of women you settle down with. Some guys are lucky. Their chicks do the dishes, all the time.

9. Messing with your DVD collection

This is sacrilege. Most guys have a certain collection of some superhero if not some kind of genre movie that they keep in certain order. Some alphabetical, some go by year, genre, and even biographical, which is the most difficult by the way. Mess that up, and we're not going to be smiling for awhile.

10. Liberating you of your porn collection
Heather came to believe that she was the object of desire in Jim's life. Without any doubt, Jim loves Heather to bits. But just like the DVD collection, every guy has his stash. And sometimes even shares it with their significant other. Heather decided that Jim no longer needed the holy collection that Jim has spent all his manhood accumulating / collecting. There isn't any obsession, but there's sure alot of hardwork that was put into making it a collection in the first place.

To be fair, most guys are extremely tolerant of the bizarre weird habits that women have. It is only the exact opposite in which we may face - women not tolerating us instead. However, as said before, guys generally tend to come with an unsaid disclaimer. Let's hope your mother told you that.