How much effort would you be willing to put in to acquire nearly a quarter of a million dollars?
Would you be willing to spend a little bit of time in a stinky, nauseating and sometimes claustrophobic airplane bathroom?

That's what authorities speculate happened on board the Air Antilles during a flight from Guadeloupe. A total of $1.6 million in cash that had been placed in the hold of the plane, when a rather entrepreneurial thief managed to steal $238,000 by digging his way through the plane bathroom to the cargo!

The thief reportedly spent most of his time in the bathroom, claiming to feel sick. Officials later discovered that he was really, in fact, busy pulling down panels in order to reach the cargo hold. When the plane arrived at its destination, the passenger managed to get away without being searched, although his travel companion is currently being questioned.

via New York Daily News