It's insane being a teen idol because everyone wants a piece of you, even if it is just your hair!

Late in Feb-11, Justin Bieber decided he was sick of his hair grabbing all the attention and decided to update his do. He also gave his hair clippings to Ellen Degeneres when he was a guest on her show, asking her to donate the hair to a charity of her choice. That's when Degeneres put the locks up for auction on her eBay page and bids quickly started pouring in.

More details from CNN:
The duo teamed up to turn the present into a fundraiser for The Gentle Barn, a nonprofit organization that rescues abused farm animals. DeGeneres auctioned the lock of hair on Ebay beginning February 23, and the final bid came in today at $40,668.

The bidder will receive the lock of Bieber's hair enclosed in a Plexiglas box signed by the Bieb himself, as well as a letter of authenticity signed by DeGeneres. According to one of DeGeneres' tweets, the winner will also get to come on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" when Bieber's a guest.

Of course, 100 percent of the proceeds are going to The Gentle Barn.