Everyday, hundreds of thousands of babies are born and most of them are considered normal. Rarely, there are cases where that babies are some form of abnormalities. Some call them miracle babies and others call them genetic accidents. Here are some cases that are quite unique. You can decide whether they are accidents or miracles.

10. Baby with a Tail

The baby was born in India in 2001. His 10 inch tail was revealed to the world a year after his birth. A lot of Indians consider him to be a re-incarnation of god.

9. Baby with 16 Toes

This little boy born in China on November 5 2008, he has 8 toes on each foot and no thumbs on either hand.

8. 4 arms and 4 legs

This baby girl (Lakshmi Tatma) was born in India and was considered to be the re-incarnation of the hindu god vishnu

7. The two headed baby

In 2008, a baby was born in Bangladesh with two heads.

6. Mutated Baby

This baby was born in 2006 with a condition called anencephaly. Has something to do with improper or incomplete brain formation.

5. Baby with Harlequin-type ichthyosis

The baby born in Gilgit, Pakistan had tiger like skin in March 2010. There also seems to be something wrong with his hands, lips and eye lids. The baby passed away shortly after the birth.

4. World's smallest baby

Amillia Taylor is recorded to be the smallest baby ever to be born and luckily, just two weeks before the legal abortion limit

3. Inter-racial Twins

This is very interesting. Same parents, same date of birth, same womb but different races. Both kids (Kaydon and Layton Richardson) have just celebrated their birthday in July 2010

2. The pregnant one year old

The little baby girl was carrying her parasitic twin in her belly. She was recently operated on and is now well and normal.

1. Back from the dead - A true miracle baby

The biggest miracle of all. The premature baby was pronounced dead after birth but miraculously, two hours later the baby was well and alive.