OMG, contact the Pentagon. Obama has grey hair!

Following last week's big state dinner at the White House honoring Chinese President Hu Jintao,  the Daily Mail decided to conduct a little "investigation" on Obama's supposed dyed hair. Here's what they wrote:
It's being seen as the most important visit by a Chinese leader in 30 years and, with all the world's eyes on him, who can blame Barack Obama for wanting to look his best.

For it appears that he has dyed his greying hair jet-black - giving him a new more youthful look.

Observers have said the 49-year-old U.S. President's hair has changed colour dramatically because of the pressures of the job since he assumed office two years ago.
Of all the things to highlight on, they go for his hair?! Obama just can't seem to catch a break with the media scrutinizing his every move.... and hairstyles. Here's a gallery of alternate hairstyles found on TMZ: