Is this technology really all that necessary?!

Have you ever watched a scene from Slumdog Millionaire and wondered to yourself, "Hmm, I wonder what those filthy Indian slums smell like?" Well then, wonder no more as the ScentSciences is a device that was built for weirdos such as yourself.

For a mere $70 USD, this smell-wafter will release odors to coincide with movies that've been edited with their ScentEditor software:
This year at CES, ScentSciences released a bread loaf sized product that appeals to your nose...of all things. Movies that have been created with their ScentEditor software can make you smell all the smells that you would imagine to be on screen. It's kind of a creepy way to put you more into the movie, but hey, smells are a sense we don't use during a movie other than for popcorn, so why not?

There is a scent cartridge that can hold up to 20 distinct smells and any smells you want can be custom ordered. These cartridges should last up to 200 hours and needless to say that's a lot of time to smell things.
I can hardly wait for James Cameron to hop on this cinematic novelty bandwagon...

via redferret