About 24,000 pounds of frozen green peas and other vegetables supplied by the Pictsweet Co. of Bells are being recalled from Walmart and Kroger stores because the products sold in 12-ounce containers may contain broken glass.

Careful, those peas will cut you!

The Tennessee based company said in a statement on the FDA website, the product "may cause injury" if ingested, which has to be the biggest understatement of the week.

Mmmm, crunchy!

The company revealed the list of affected products which were distributed to Kroger stores in the southeast United States and Walmart stores throughout the United States. The recalls were for: 
  • Kroger 12 ounce Green Peas with production codes of 1440BU, 1440BV, 1440BW, and 1600BD
  • Kroger 12 ounce Peas and Carrots with production codes of 1960BD and 1960BE
  • Great Value 12 ounce Steamable Sweet Peas with "best by" dates of July 20, 2012 and July 21, 2012
  • Great Value 12 ounce Steamable Mixed Vegetables with a "best by" date of July 15, 2012
The big question is how did glass manage to get inside all those bags of peas in the first place? While the company is keeping mum about the details , concerned consumers with questions may contact The Pictsweet Company at 1-800-367-7412, extension 417.

via WebMD