If I were Flickr, I'd watch out, because Facebook is sophisticating its photo uploading and viewing features. Facebook is already known to be the most convenient social photo-sharing tool, and now, you'll be able to upload hi-res pictures up to 2048 pixels wide or high (large enough for print quality!)

These upgrades include hi-res photos, photo-download links, bulk tagging options and an elegant lightbox interface for viewing images from anywhere on the site. The lightbox in particular reminds us of similar features recently rolled out by Flickr; and some of these improvements, such as hi-res and downloading capabilities, are what have prevented Facebook from serious competition with Flickr as a photo-sharing destination.

This is how the lightbox interface will look like. Soon, every picture you click on will pop up in a black box over the rest of the screen. It will have minimum navigation controls to allow you to concentrate fully on the image at hand.