Below are examples of dolls that will make Chucky appear as tame as a beanie baby. Seeing these works of malice, it kind of makes you wonder just how fucking disturbed their "creators" must be:

WARNING: The longer you stare, the easier it gets for them to capture your soul!

Betty Davis As Baby Jane

Babette the Beastly Beauty

Pig Nose Doll

Schoolmaster Doll

Souless Doll

Butchered Baby Doll

Deformed Dolls

Creepy Antique Doll

Demonic Dolls

Doll With Elongated Arms And Gloves

Exquisite Corpse Doll

Creepy Pregnant Doll

Bee Sting Doll


"Mutant" Doll by Paul McCarthy

The Worst Michael Jackson Doll

Burt Reynolds Crab Doll

via Buzzfeed