Crime isn't as simple as you'd assume it to be. Robbers are getting techy too:

“A police team led by ASP Mohd Naim Asnawi arrested them at 5.45pm shortly after they drove off in a BMW and a Naza Citra from a three-storey house, where hundreds of high-tech burglary tools were recovered. Our investigations revealed that the BMW was bought in Singapore while the Naza Citra was reported stolen in Puchong recently. A Toyota Estima with the back seats removed was also found in the basement car park of the house,” he said.

The police suspect a bank was the target they were aiming to hit in Penang when their plans got soiled.

“A laptop computer with a bank’s building plan was also recovered. We believe that they were planning to hit a target in Penang when they were arrested. Among the tools seized were oxyacetylene torches, gas tanks and high-powered drills which could penetrate bank vaults. Other than break-ins, they are also said to be responsible for a number of robberies nationwide,” he said.