Twitter user T1TT3R referred us this awesome collection of actresses who have lent their boobage to the film industry. See if you can recognize any of them in this music video compilation, otherwise you can refer to the list below.


Cybil Shepherd, Glenda Jackson (best actress winner 1970, 1973), Mary Louise Weller, Linda Blair, Drew Barrymore, Blair Brown, Helen Mirren (best actress winner 2006), Bo Derek, Kathleen Turner, Phoebe Cates, Jamie Lee Curtis, Appolonia, Elizabeth Berridge, Susan Sarandon (best actress winner 1995), Katie Holmes, Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts (best actress winner 2000), Christina Fulton, Kathleen Quinlan, Meg Ryan, Angelina Jolie (best supporting actress winner 1999) Erika Eleniak, Demi Moore, Alyssa Milano, Jenna Jameson, Heather Graham, Charlize Theron (best actress winner 2003), Helen Hunt (best actress winner 1997), Reese Witherspoon (best actress winner 2005), Gwyneth Paltrow (best actress winner 1998), Nicole Kidman (best actress winner 2002), Mena Suvari, Kim Basinger (best supporting actress winner 1997) Beverly D'Angelo, Sybil Danning, Ashley Judd, Joyce Hyser, Sharon Stone, Madonna Ciccone, Kate Winslet (best actress winner 2008), Rosanna Arquette, mystery duo, Suzanne Somers, Julie Andrews, Monique Gabrielle, Penelope Cruz (best supporting actress winner 2008), Angie Dickinson, Kelly Preston, Halle Berry (best actress winner 2001), Meredith Baxter, Annette Bening, Jennifer Conelly (best supporting actress winner 2001) Rosario Dawson

Male appearances
John Belushi, Malcom McDowell, William Hurt, John Malkovich, Dudley Moore, Richard Gere, Mark Ruffalo, Eric Stoltz, Liev Schreiber, Joseph Fiennes, Tom Cruise, Kevin Spacey, Mickey Rourke, Clayton Rohner, Michael Douglas, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Spader, Willem Dafoe, Antonio Banderas, Doug McKeon, Javier Bardem, William Shatner, Colin Farrell