Because scientists have yet to figure out important things such as the cure for Cancer or AIDS, they've decided to conduct a new study which suggests dogs have a sophisticated understanding of different growls.

These Hungarian researchers recorded 20 adult dogs growling in three situations: First, while engaging in a playful game; second, as another dog was eyeing his bone; and third, when a human male stranger menacingly approached the dog and his owner.

Sound-analysis software easily distinguished the playful growl from the others. However, the researchers could find no acoustical difference between the two more aggressive growls.

When they played the growls to other dogs, however, they discovered that the recorded growl from the bone-stealing scenario was much more effective in deterring a dog from approaching an unattended bone than the other aggressive sound.

I guess if these researchers run out of funding, they're going to come up with some way to regain their capital with the remnants of this project: